“Georgia” by The Band Cope

The Band Cope has graced us with a new track titled “Georgia” and it’s got an easy-breezy feeling that we can’t ignore. With inspiration from 90’s/2000’s bands such as Hole, Radiohead, Pinback and those alike, The Band Cope is staying in their own lane by giving fans nostalgia with their relaxing tones and creative hymns.

Since 2021, and the release of their debut album “Advanced Coping Mechanism”, the band has stayed busy releasing singles such as “Anyone” and “Sh!tshow Paradise”, which are as intriguing and appealing as they sound. With every new single, we hear the band’s growth and the impact that they carry as a trio.

While we listen to “Georgia” we fall in love, and it’s simple and addictive. The band uses effortless strings, drums, and synths in the background instruments and as we listen closer, we wonder if “Georgia” is a person that contains the characteristics the band expresses.

In just 3:06 we are calm and excited all at once, as we’ve found a new favorite band as well as a favorite song. “When’s the fight gonna stop?/ Georgia when’s the fight gonna stop?/ Cause I’ve been looking for love in Georgia/ while she’s living it up in California.”

This 3-piece indie rock band is currently blessing their listeners’ ears with an on-stage presence by touring the west coast, so stay connected with the band to see what they are up to next.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “Spent my savings on a reading/ together forever for a month”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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