“Digital Girl” by St. Wave

St. Wave is here with “Digital Girl” and it’s perfect for social media lovers. This track has more to it than meets the eye and St. Wave’s delivery is sure to catch listeners’ attention.

“Digital Girl” has a flashy style that reminds us of a track from the mid 90’s, as it has smooth control and gravitates towards heavy instruments. This track has been described as “a pre-game hype song that highlights the relationship between vanity and social media.”

And this is the perfect explanation of this new single, as the internet tends to take over lives, and people will believe anything that they see. St. Waves presents a lot of great lines in this 3:00 song, and he makes it known that his subject is not showing herself off necessarily to him, but more to the camera itself. This sounds like a representation of “do it for the gram”, as people tend to do things more for social media than for others.

“She only see me for my digits/ emojis then I’m with it/ quick [quick, quick] with it/ smoking pot, like this a kitchen/ world igloo/ burr [burr, burr]/ it’s frigid.”
Make sure you follow St. Wave to see what he’s up to next and if there will be a video for “Digital Girl”.

Recently, the artist showed us a low-key behind the scenes recording of the track in the studio.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I believe more in God the more I fall for you girl”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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