“Valley” by Proklaim

The most humble Proklaim is back with a new single, “Valley” and if you’re looking for a new artist that is fire, look no further. This artist is pure gold as he gives his listeners just a taste of his talents in this 2:57 track, but just upon first listen, we can tell he’s got much more to say.

Proklaim may be a name that a few other artists have, but there is only one that brings this kind of style to the game. His way of flow and dedication to the beat is intense and he doesn’t hold back. This is an artist that has his own flavor and is definitely in his own lane.

With inspirations from legends such as 2Pac and Nas, Proklaim emerges every time he releases a new track, and there is so much diversity in how he raps, it’s a shock that he hasn’t been on our radar before!

“I know I’m onto something!”

Valley” is authentic and heavy hitting, Proklaim knows that his talent is one of a kind, with lines such as “ I got a gift and I won’t fumble.” And it’s rare these days that artists can deliver similar lines without being seen as arrogant but the way that Proklaim conveys the message is strong and certain, there’s not a doubt in his voice.

Make sure you follow and support Proklaim to see what he’s up to next. 

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I seen the best and they did crumble/ ain’t no threat like a bee bumble”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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