“Diamond Days” by Mote

“Diamond Days” by Mote is an indie rock track brimming with retro influences, effective melodies, and brilliant chord progressions. If you love a good modern adaptation of the 80s, this one is for you. The synth and guitar work just scream vintage while the melody writing caters to the contemporary ear. Altogether, you get this amalgamation of references that is unique in its own right.

Reverb-drenched drums underpin these long, ethereal guitar strums. The cadence of the chords feels rather minor, peppering every phrase with a twinge of melancholy. The lyrics pour in, spelling out this bittersweet, wanderlust-esque atmosphere. It remains kind of soft and mysterious until, suddenly, it isn’t. The chorus invites an immediate spike in dynamic energy. Synths buzz. Snares crack. Guitars rumble. The vocals rocket to a higher register, showing off the singer’s strong falsetto. The melody choices here are just unbeatable. They reach for unexpected chord tones but always resolve in the most gratifying way. Not to mention, the timbre of the singer’s voice has this delightful brightness. Everything about the chorus just feels right.

Fast forward to the bridge–the melody takes on this driving, rhythmic, repetitive feel unlike any of the previous sections. Low in register but anticipatory in energy, it performs the duties of a bridge with ease. The final chorus is made even more climactic through its existence, closing the song out with ultimate satisfaction.

Be sure to give “Diamond Days” a stream! You’ll soon fall in love with the vibrant artistry of Mote.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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