“Flashflood” by Culture Shock

Culture Shock is here with their premier release “Flashflood” and fans are rolling in. Since 2019 when the group formed, and with this re-introduction they have been excited to see where the music world will take them.

CS may have stopped playing music for some time but with “Flashflood” it sounds like they never stopped.

Flashflood” is filled with heavy drums, and a guitar single that displays pure talent. This easy-listening, indie sound is one of a kind that centers around being catchy and carries some aggressive lyrics that make the song stand out from those in the same genre of music.

“You wanted me to give you everything/ at the price of my own life/ all the gifts/ that I brought for you/ didn’t bring any happiness to you.” CS is honest and open with their lyrics, and they make this known by being real and using their own experiences on the track, and this makes them great at what they do. This is a track that will easily grab listeners especially from the lyrics.

CS indicates that at certain points on “Flashflood” that their subject has been someone who is difficult or not easily impressed, and this is something that a lot of us have suffered from in relationships.

Fans are anxious to see what the band comes up with next, as “Flashflood” catches our attention and becomes an easy favorite. Make sure you follow Culture Shock for more music updates, because this time they are here to stay!

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I don’t know what to do/ I feel so empty/ after all this ends/ I can’t be saved”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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