“Row Now” by Como

Jump into the dark pop fairytale that is Como’s new single “Row Now.” Como is an alternative pop musician based in Austria. The singer has had an interesting career so far. She signed a recording deal with a major label to put out her debut album Music Diary. After getting a look into what the music industry was like, she decided to step away and become an independent artist. So now she is in control of her own narrative and can share only the best of what she has to offer. Como likes the idea of her music having to be discovered, like a best kept secret.

“Row Now” has a dark aura to it with piano and strings tied together with ambient beats. The anticipation adds to Como’s story of urging the girl in the song to swim and row her own boat. The uplifting message is cleverly tied into this epic piece.

The repetition of “row now” shows the urgency of the song and the melody is very catchy. Como has an excellent balance of music and lyrics in this single, her sound is reminiscent of early 2000s alt pop like Evanescence, and it really works as she’s infused it with a modern touch. 

When sharing what the song was about for her, Como said, “‘Row Now’ tells a gothic fairytale about a girl living in a dark and dangerous world. In order to escape from this place, she has to cross the wild sea and row against the storm.”

This is perfectly captured and while Como is a secret to be discovered now, it won’t be long until she finds her cult following.

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Thomas Schauer





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