Alone Time by Charlie Jefferson

I sat down and listened to Alone Time by Charlie Jefferson and immediately put it on repeat to listen to while I wrote the review. I primarily work in instrumental pieces myself so whenever I come across instrumental mood pieces like Charlie Jefferson’s music, they take me on an adventure. His song Smoky Mountains took me to an ancient forest, teeming with discovery. His latest track, “Alone Time” is no exception to this rule, and I’d like to walk you through the journey I had listening to this song.

We see the light on out front of a shop, it’s after closing. Then we see more interior shots of the items the shop has for sale, then it’s a stroll down a weary abandoned street washed in purple light. Walking by an abandoned park, down a once-busy walkway, and across a dry river. We return to these familiar places we once knew in an attempt to reminisce about memories we’ve had, then after a while, we fade the camera into black.

I love music that sets a scene and a tone right out of the gate. As I said in my earlier review about “Bop That Rhythm”, I definitely experienced a sensation of snapping along with the downbeat while relishing in the slower, much more chill rhythm of “Alone Time”. It put me in a state of complete and total ease and I’m glad I came across this song so I can put it in my library as a permanent resident. Maybe by itself, who knows? I highly recommend this song for a lo-fi study session or simply a “veg” on the couch. Check Charlie Jefferson’s music out wherever you stream, and check out his website at https://CharlieJefferson.com.

Written by Adrian Carter





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