“Dance With You” by The Humble Cartel

Find yourself tapping your feet and dancing along to the earworm that is “Dance With You” by the Humble Cartel. The band is based out of Alberta, Canada and covers a variety of topics in a blend of genres. From Folk/Country, to Rock, and Soul, Humble Cartel’s experimental risks makes for fun and new sounds that you’ll be listening to all day long. They also have their 6 track self-titled EP available everywhere now, with a full album in the works. Their local following is no doubt moving globally as they continue to open for large bands like Hillsburn and Crash Test Dummies.

“Dance With You” has a feel of folk/country in the lyrics but alt indie in the production. Immediate comparisons for the sound are acts like The 1975, Jack Antonoff, and Carly Rae Jepsen. The overall sound is full and dreamy with synths, looping pianos, and electric guitars cutting through. My favorite lyrics were the playful ones like, “I never claimed to be a dancer / I’m a Virgo please don’t be a Cancer.” It is a great way to open the song and shows right away that it is meant to be lighthearted and fun.

The lead singer, Kye Mykietiak, has what sounds like a southern twang, and it surprisingly works for the song. His voice is unique and helps the song stand out against other alt pop tracks. The rhythmic singing in the pre-chorus and chorus are some of my favorite parts too. The whole vibe of the song is meant for the prom scene of an indie film or montage scene – either way it needs to be heard (and danced to) now!

So go stream The Humble Cartel’s “Dance With You” and be on the lookout for their debut album!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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