“Fantasy” by Venus In Arms

“Fantasy” by Venus In Arms is a haunting piece of music. With the atmosphere of a Weyes Blood or Mitski song and the drive of a 1980s soft rock track, this song is both nostalgic and relevant. Strings, steady bass, simplistic drums, and subtle electric guitar make up the meat of the ambiance as the vocalist delivers an evocative message. Venus in Arms seamlessly combines great songwriting with a solid, integral sound to bring us something truly magical.

A devilishly low-pitched, buzzing synth bass paired with a steady drum groove form the intro. “Fantasy / You got me at fantasy / Starry Eyed / And looking like a midnight dream,” the singer croons, letting the sultry lyrics pour from her with elegance. Harmonies gracefully drape themselves over her lead line, then usher us into another verse. The phrasing of each verse unfolds as follows: a few repeated chords, then a few new ones at the cadence. It’s classic. It’s gratifying. It’s effective.

Eventually, we do end up in the chorus. The textures thicken and the energy swells, underpinning the copiously repeated hook. There’s this built-in, natural catchiness to this section—a feat only the most talented songwriters can achieve. As it melts away, the anthemic melody sticks around in your head.

Be sure to give Venus In Arms a listen and a follow on your choice of streaming service or social media platform! You’ll be happy to have a new dreamy indie artist to obsess over! Plus, “Fantasy” is a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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