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The world better watch out for ferocious singer-songwriter Tuelo. Valiant to speak nothing but the truth in her music, the South African artist combined history, politics, art, and culture in her EP, “AM/FM,” which provided the world with something it hasn’t heard in a long time, authentic folk and rock music.

“Queen of Nothing,” the EP’s opening track, possesses a powerful message that concurs with Tuelo’s impeccably strong vocals.

The song proudly states that a queen can have numerous names but remain a queen. Many assume a piece like this should have a strong sound, which it does, but the acoustic guitar parts bestow a softer nature — allowing the listener to absorb the impactful lyrics. Once the band comes in with an aggressive sound, it’s an omnipotent moment.

Tuelo found inspiration for the track in Mantatisi, a courageous and beautiful queen who served as a warrior chief and military general in the 1800s. Knowing her son was too young to become ruler after her husband died, she stepped up and fought for her people. That’s a queen!

“Trouble” maintains a folksy tune with a groovy beat and rhythm. You get lost in Tuelo, keening, “I don’t want your trouble, I don’t need your trouble,” followed by smooth backing vocals.

“‘Trouble’ is a song that reminds people that there is no need to stay in uncomfortable or bad situations, as painful as it might be to go,” Tuelo said about the song. “Leaving trouble behind has been a great lesson for me. There is peace and ease in the world that is beyond understanding — seek this and be happier.”

“I may be lost, but I’m happier,” Tuelo sings in her vintage, upbeat track, “Happier” — a perfect summer tune to remind those to live happily.

The two-beat rhythm and the lively guitar command the listener to dance. The violin(s) in the background is a nice touch.

Overall, “AM/FM” is an incredible EP, and it successfully takes the listener on a fantastic journey sonically. Tuelo is an amazing artist who will go far in her music career.

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Written by Taylor Berry

Tuelo, AM/FM, EP, Rising Artists, music review, emerging artist, artist, Queen of Nothing, Trouble, Happier

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