“Overthinking” by Shai Rose

Singers like Shai Rose don’t come around often, but when they do, they make the most breathtaking, soulful music you’ll ever hear. “Overthinking” is a product of natural musicality. With its minor, dreamy atmosphere and poignant lyricism, this track will transport you to an entirely different emotional sphere. Not to mention, Shai could sing the phonebook with her deep, raspy tone and make it sound sultry. This song is an absolute must for your moody, bittersweet playlists. So, let’s delve into what makes it so great.

“I lost myself again / Losing my way / All this time, playing pretend / But I’m lost again,” Shai opens up the song, backed by a soft acoustic guitar and a sprinkling of background vocals. This first verse thrives in sparseness, allowing each short lyric to take plenty of time and space. Meanwhile, the contemplative instrumentation infuses them with even more emotion.

The song continues to blossom with spacey synths, driving drums, and lightly affected electric guitar. Shai’s vocal line ramps up in pitch and in energy, pushing a slightly more urgent message. Eventually, it melts back down to a broken-down, sentimental outro. “Not every love will set you free,” Shai repeats, leaving us with something thought-provoking and honest.

If you’ve got some time, definitely sit down and give this track some attention. It’s a masterpiece of indie rock and a beautiful display of talent. Be sure to follow Shai Rose on your choice of social media, and give the rest of her discography a listen! You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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