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“Sailing On” by Well Grounded

Reggae isn’t solely about what you hear but also what you feel — you’re to surrender to the melody and rhythm. Emerging artist Well Grounded gets the idea from the sounds of his single, “Sailing On.”

“Sailing On” comprises the classic reggae chord progression (C, G, A min, F) but in a different order (A min, G, F, C), which is the song’s foundation. Well Grounded then slipped in a sturdy beat that complements the guitar rhythm. At this point, we’re invited to enjoy the groove and listen to the lead vocalist as he addresses sanguineness resolution.

According to the Californian, “Sailing On” started about 20 years but it was “bleak in tone and offered the listener no relief.” Insert his 10-year hiatus, where he took the time to focus on health and personal growth. Now, the artist seems content in his life because, a month ago, he released this masterpiece with an extended outro.

The comfy instrumentals and chill nature of “Sailing On” shows that Well Grounded is a humble musician who wants to connect with his listeners and offer them something valuable with his music.

“Work towards your mental, physical, and spiritual health in small ways every day, and you will find yourself more well-grounded,” Well Grounded said in a statement. “Remember the past and craft your future by living in the present.”

“Sailing On” is Well Grounded’s only single released on music platforms. However, we indeed will be hearing more music from the Temecula-based musician. You’re encouraged to follow the emerging artist on his music journey and vibe to “Sailing On.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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