“Variegation” by Close Drive

Singers like Shai Rose don’t come around often, but when they do, they make the most breathtaking, soulful music you’ll ever hear. “Overthinking” is a product of natural musicality. With its minor, dreamy atmosphere and poignant lyricism, this track will transport you to an entirely different emotional sphere. Not to mention, Shai could sing the phonebook with her deep, raspy tone and make it sound sultry. This song is an absolute must for your moody, bittersweet playlists. So, let’s delve into what makes it so great.

The full band enters with confidence, made up of bass, drums, acoustic, and electric guitars. Each clean, clear note of the riff floats over a set of bright chords. You can already sense the decadent sunniness of the ambiance. “Oh my, what a feeling / Get caught in believing / All my leaves are changing / Greens and whites are fading,” the singer utters, a casual rasp enveloping his voice. So far, the lyrics reflect the easygoing instrumentation, but as the song continues on, a twinge of bittersweetness arises. Instead of reveling in the beauty of a season, we start to realize the pain a change in season can cause. Suddenly, the perceived saccharine nature of the music becomes slightly ironic. This juxtaposition is a common trick musicians use to evoke unexpected emotions from their listeners, and in this case, it’s gloriously effective.

Fast-forward to the chorus, a crisp ride cymbal and a cloud of harmonies take over the sound. The repetitive lyrics and melodies enhance the catchiness but also drive home the ultimate theme. The now deliciously melancholy song ends with a crash, leaving the listener with a taste for what Close Drive is capable of, and a hunger for more brilliant songwriting and performance.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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