“Out On The Run” by Jacob McCurdy

“Out On The Run” by Jacob McCurdy is a beautifully textural folk song with an intense sense of emotional gravity. With a splash of unexpected instrumentation and a climactic build, it leaves nothing to desire—especially considering Jacob McCurdy’s powerful vocal performance. As the last, sweet yet complex chords peter out, you’re left touched, impressed, and hungry for more.

An acoustic guitar underpins a few electric swells, inviting us into the verse: “Hair of the dog that bit you / Whether it’s coming back to booze, or something worse.” Already, the words strike a rather poignant chord. They’re both literal and endlessly poetic, setting the rest of the song up for a cathartic arc. The chorus arrives with a string of harmonies and a slow, effective melody. The instrumental performance involves very subtle changes, infusing each section with its own identity but also keeping the dynamics calm and restrained (so far, at least). The gentle sparseness of the first half really allows the eruption of textures in the second half to have the maximum impact.

As we arrive at this glorious explosion, the drums take the lead. With cymbals ringing out and snare hits emphasizing all the best divisions of the beat, we rocket into something anthemic. We get horns. We get guitars. We get rumbling bass. Eventually, it all culminates in a high-pitched belt from Jacob. As the song winds down, we’re left in awe of the emotional gravity of the last four minutes.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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