“Caesium” by Big Surprise

Big Surprise is here with “Caesium” and it’s a dreamy, wonderful reintroduction into their world of music that takes us on a flowing ride through the woods.

Caesium” is a song that reminds us of heartache and contains a cold feeling, but it’s intoxicating and we are hooked.

While listening to the song over and over, we wondered what the meaning of “Caesium” is and how this song could have a lot more layers than we thought.

According to Google, “caesium (or cesium), is a chemical element with the symbol c’s and atomic number 55”, it’s also a metal that is highly valuable because it’s used “in atomic clocks for cell phone networks, the internet, gps” and more.

So now that we’ve figured that out, Big Surprise’s song could be related to Caesium in several different ways, including a relationship that they endured and things around them constantly changing, right before their eyes.

If this is the case, the relationship could have been uncomfortable at times because there could have been trust issues with the ability to feel at home while they were together. And one person could have been on another page of the relationship. But hey, we are just guessing here!

This beautifully written track could have several meanings, either way we enjoy it every time we listen.

“You were lost in the crowd/ I don’t understand this place and the way it calls you/ it’s so big and so loud.”

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Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I was looking at your face/ but I never saw you

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Sources: Google




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