“One Summer’s Day” by Lucy Crisp

Lucy Crisp is here to brighten you up on “One Summer’s Day” and take you for a ride. This fun track is a perfect blend of dream pop euphoric feels, and LC’s voice adds exceptional balance.

“One Summer’s Day” is a complete summer hit, as there’s moments where we reflect on our own feelings and relationships along with the time that passes. This track makes you feel the sun on your skin and as we listen to “OSD” we want to dance and be in love, and experience what Lucy sings about.

When Crisp talks about the track she states “I wanted to acknowledge that not every relationship is going to be perfect, and despite the adversities that you both face, love always wins.” “OSD” is written from LC’s own experiences of being in a relationship that has its trials and tribulations.

While listening, we understand that sometimes it feels like that summer high will last forever, but true love continues to grow on past the seasons. 

Make sure you follow Lucy on all of her socials to get access to what she’s working on next. We are definitely keeping an eye out for her upcoming EP debut “65 Roses”, which is set to be released later this year and dives into topics such as “happiness, isolation, and foreseen fears, -Lucy describes this as [“leaving a legacy in this world”] by telling her story.

Make sure you follow Cris Cain to see what’s coming up next, as we are sure he’ll release more surprises soon! Cris says “This song is just ONE of many songs to come-”

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “We speak our thoughts aloud/ to avoid the thunderclouds/ as the sun don’t shine all year round.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Photo Credit: Ralph Barklam







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