“The Best You’ll Ever Have” by Katie Belle

Ride on a wave of heartache with Katie Belle on her new single “The Best You’ll Ever Have”. Katie gives us smooth vocals and tones here that shift at the perfect moments, making this a great revenge track.

The Best You’ll Ever Have” is intoxicating and addictive and it easily hooks us in the first 10 seconds. Belle throws us in around 40 seconds and keeps us inside, this track reminds us of being in the club and seeing our s.o with someone else, while we walk past with a dramatic hair flip, and we love it!

The track makes us feel fierce and powerful as we listen, even if it’s about our love missing out on “the best”. We love this kind of music, this is the music that embraces self love and lets go of relationships (or situationships) that make us feel triggered. KB herself has this to say about the track.

“Going back to my original dark dance pop roots- this song to me means freedom. Freedom to tell my own story, freedom from the person I used to be, and freedom from a relationship that no longer served me.” She continues, “I haven’t been this excited about a release in a while, written from pain, enlightenment, and in my own words…”

We look forward to hearing more from Belle as she has great potential to go far, and we certainly have become one of her 90k monthly listeners on Spotify!
Make sure you check out Katie and find out where she’s headed next.

Our personal favorite line that makes our heartache: “I know you can’t stand that I’m the best you’ll ever have”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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