“Damn” by Hazy Shea

“Damn” by Hazy Shea is the smoothest alternative pop track you’ll ever hear. Brimming with groovy percussive aspects, sultry vocals, and memorable lyrics, this song just feels good. Plus, the subtle production tricks solidify it as a masterpiece. If you find yourself in need of a cool, summer anthem, this one will do the trick.

It begins with a pitched, reverb-drenched sample of the chorus embedded in a warm synth chord progression. The lyrics suddenly pour in, coming in these short, fast phrases. Hazy Shea’s inviting, raspy vocals imbue the words with an alluring atmosphere. The pre-chorus invites a bit more instrumentation, like a pulsing keyboard sound and a deep guitar riff. Drums emphasize a few choice beats, building a foundation for the eventual rhythmic explosion. “Feels like waterfalls / And I could die in it,” Hazy Shea slides gracefully from note to note in this gloriously legato, hypnotizing way.

After an arresting beat of silence, the chorus finally arrives. Bass takes over the mix as the now layered, full vocals course through the melody. Halfway through, a textural smorgasbord of percussion slips in between beats, locking into an intoxicating rhythm. From then on, this groove dictates the mood of the rest of the song. It’s an unforgettably good pattern, and a brilliant use of drums to create interest and dynamic variation.

Be sure to follow Hazy Shea on your choice of social media platform or streaming service! “Damn” is an excellent display of musicianship, songwriting, and production prowess.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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