“Ugly” by Chris Caulfield

Chris Caulfield gives us “Ugly” and it’s unlike anything we have heard before. Everything from the tone of Caulfield’s voice to the instruments used is pure talent, and we shouldn’t take advantage of this one-of-a-kind hit.

Even Chris himself admits that this track is “a little different [from] my recent releases but felt next in sequence.” And we couldn’t agree more that his timing is perfect, as this release gives a new perspective on looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Ugly” has a creepy feeling, but there’s much about it that drags us towards it. And it feels like this track is all the “ugly” versions of ourselves that we can’t get away from. This song sounds like the parts of ourself that we try to outrun and ignore, but “Ugly”- is like the ugly truth.

The cover art itself really makes us look at the song from another perspective, and although it is somewhat frightening- so can life and the things we deal with. 

This track is a well blended mixture of alternative rap and emo-trap and there’s no denying how great it sounds.

There is a lot of strain in Caulfield’s voice on this track and we can relate to this, as it sounds hard to breathe and sometimes life can make us resemble these feelings and emotions. Make sure you follow Chris Caulfield to find out what he’s up to next, as we are definitely going to keep our ears up to figure out what’s in store.

Our personal favorite line: “You’re blind/ but you’re still ugly.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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