“Love Left Over” by Cielo

Cielo is here with a new single “Love Left Over” and it’s fun, fresh and unique. In just the first few seconds we are submerged into a wave of dance hall type music and we want to drown our ears in it.

Although this is just Cielo’s 2nd single, she’s been around for a while, making a name for herself and claiming her credits. Cielo describes this single as “a fun pop-rock, dance-able song that simultaneously acts as a lament about the lingering feelings of love for previous romantic partners and not knowing what to do with them.”

And here we are understanding every line of “LLO” and even though it has a dancing tone, the lyrics contain the knowledge of how confusing love can be, and how sometimes it’s hard to tell what page you’re on in a relationship.

We love how relatable this track is and how much it makes sense, regardless of the age of the relationship (or age in general)as it’s easily enjoyable.

We must admit that “Love Left Over” is going to be on repeat for a long while, as it’s so catchy, we want to hear it everyday!

Make sure you follow Cielo to learn more about her upcoming debut album. Also, check out “Fairy Wings” and take a musical flight.

Our personal favorite line: “Worst case scenario/ I’ll never get this off my chest/ wish it was easier to tell you/ you might misunderstand what I’m saying/ take it in all kinds of wrong ways/ but maybe that’s what’s best.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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