“Consequence of Fear” by Karyn Ann

Karyn Ann is here with “Consequence of Fear” and it’s got a captivating and haunting sound that we can’t escape. This alternative soul track is powerful as well as emotional and K.A does this song justice by providing such honest and understandable lyrics.

This Portland native is clever with each line and even her cover art is enchanting, it’s a blurry moment that feels shaky within itself and contains K.A and her hands on her head with her eyes closed, with either her hair or a towel of some sort in her mouth, and we can feel how this cover is meant to be taken as hard to breathe.

This can also be taken as needing to say something and needing to express yourself but there is so much that you hold back and keep inside.

 “Consequence of Fear” is described by Karyn herself as “This track will [get] you moving physically and percolate into your inner depths with its candid lyricism and rhythmic hum evoking and reinforcing the feeling of running from uncertainty.”

“Scared to hurt you with my words/ so I don’t say much/ yeah I don’t say much.”

Ann is honest here, almost that she’s having to sugarcoat her words in order to not hurt a sensitive significant other, which is common in relationships, in fear of hurting the other person.

Karyn does a great job of summing this feeling up and putting it into words. 

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Our personal favorite line: “Worry comes in/ like an old friend/ I’m reminded again/ I’m blinded again.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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