“Hold On” by Leo Sawkin

Leo Sawikin is back again with “Hold On” and although this is his first release since 2021, this track shows that he hasn’t lost an ounce of his melodic touch.

This contemporary, easy-listening song is uplifting and reminds us of a classic early 2000’s track that has us gazing out the window and thinking about life.

Leo is on a roll with his musical releases lately, he has recently finished seven new tracks and is ready to dish them out. This mixture of alt/indie rock and pop fits L.S well and this track is proof that good positive music still exists.

We love the message behind this song, as it carries an upbeat meaning that pulls on our heartstrings.

Hold On” is sure to be one that sticks around, as its smooth instruments and relatable vocals remind us to believe in ourself and leave out the negative thoughts.

“Stay strong/ when everyone tells you it’s wrong.”

This track is also a reminder that things do get better with time, and it’s worth waiting for. Sawikin was considerate with these lyrics and we hope his upcoming releases will be as addictive and thought-provoking as this one.

Make sure you stick around and follow Leo so you will know when his next song is being released. We heard that he will be dropping “a series of singles leading up to an album release.”

Our personal favorite line: “No turning back/ you can step through the cracks/ darling look to the sky and shout.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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