“Her.” by Pierce Braedon

Skilled DIY artist Pierce Braedon has released his emotionally driven pop ballad “Her.” Braedon is from the small town of Poplar Bluff in Missouri, and it was there he found his love for Kurt Cobain’s unapologetic songwriting and his interest in guitar. From there, he started playing local gigs and working on his own music. Many doubted Braedon’s ability to play, write, and record all these instruments and vocals on his song – but that is exactly what he did. His new single was self-made in his home studio, adding even more of a personal touch to the already raw song.

“Her.” is a song that takes the listener on a journey. From falling in love hard, to losing it all and being left to pick up the pieces. The song feels like Braedon is just sitting in his bedroom being haunted by all these memories of what could have been and what should have been. Some lyrics that depict this perfectly are, “lonely bed and often lonely dreams.” To emphasize that Braedon feels alone even in his dreams really paints this picture of sadness.

The production of this song perfectly shapes Braedon’s voice: it adds drama and darkness through synths and electric guitar. He cites Post Malone and Olivia Rodrigo as big inspirations in his sound and that comes across clearly in the moody production and story driven lyrics. It is a song that clearly establishes Braedon in the alt pop space. With such a strong start, it will be exciting to see where Braedon goes next.

Be sure to add “Her.” to your alt indie rock playlists and keep an eye out for Braedon’s future releases!

Reviewed by Katie Power




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