“Mirror” by Phoenix Rose

Phoenix Rose presents “Mirror” to her audience, and this ballad is deep, beautiful, and carries us away on a ride of self-reflection. “Mirror” is exactly what we need, as we tend to get overwhelmed by social media and the levels of perfectionism presented in front of us.

There are a lot of lines in “Mirror” that cause the listener to wonder about their own relationship with themselves. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we take care of everything and everyone but ourselves.

This track is a great reminder to face what you’ve been avoiding, and that it’s good to be a little selfish. Rose does a great job of conveying the melody and matching the tone, and as the song progresses, her voice builds a soft but strong foundation for the instruments to lay on.

While we listen closely to “Mirror” we notice it’s meant to have a slower beginning that works towards a climax, and in the conclusion, we all end up facing ourselves. Even in the cover art we see that P.R is not facing the mirror, and somewhat avoiding it, and towards the last few seconds of the track, we understand she’s now looking at herself without hesitation.

Make sure you follow Phoenix on all of her socials and keep an eye out for new music, as we are sure she’s not slowing down anytime soon! While you’re at it, check out her EP “How Do You See This?” (Out Now!)

Our personal favorite line: “I don’t want to see it/ but it’s my fault what I’m feeling/ it’s true.” & “Time, time, time to face you”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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