“Drowning” by Annie Anna

Folk singer-songwriter Annie Anna’s new sultry, dark track “Drowning” encapsulates the all-familiar feeling of being suffocated by another person. Controlling another person can quickly turn into a toxic relationship; whether romantic or platonic, any relationship can feel asphyxiating. “Drowning” showcases all of the emotions that one goes through when experiencing this smothering bond that is created.

Annie Anna’s soft yet powerful vocals are accompanied by gloomy guitars, looming drums, and a captivating tune that won’t be able to get out of one’s head. Fans of artists such as Fiona Apple and Tegan & Sara will love Anna’s modern twist on a somewhat nostalgic genre. 

Anna’s frustration and bitterness with the person who inspired “Drowning” shine through in a beautifully artistic way. Her vocals are angry yet faint, showcasing both the vulnerability and resentment that comes from being unable to leave a complicated relationship. The themes explored within the track are the feeling of drowning in one’s own thoughts, feeling trapped, and thinking that you might never be able to leave this person. 

“Drowning” is just a taste of Annie Anna’s iconic and unique work. Her heartfelt lyrics and the instrumental are the perfect mixes of contemporary with a hint of old-school folk rock. Do yourself a favor and listen to “Drowning,” as well as her other singles, “Loaded Gun” and “Diamond in the Rough,” available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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