Artist Interview: “Purple and White” by Violet Daze

Q: Hi Violet! I love the dreaminess of “Purple and White”; the hazy instrumental, your sultry vocals, and the captivating tune. Can you walk me a bit through the creative process in making this track?

VIOLET DAZE: Billy and I wrote this song from scratch in the studio. We were workshopping a song that I had written and came to the conclusion that I had said all that I needed to say about the heartbreak that I was going through and we came up with this concept of writing a love letter to myself. We sat on the floor of Billy’s studio and went back and forth writing the lyrics to this pulsing beat. We wanted the focal point of this song to be the lyrics which is why it’s quite stripped back instrumentally and it’s mostly built up of vocal layers.

Q: I love how you captured this dreamlike atmosphere with the instrumental. What was the production like on “Purple and White”?

VIOLET DAZE: We started off this track with this dark pulsing bass synth and used lots of vocal layers to create the dreamlike atmosphere. We wanted to give this sense that I was talking to myself. We wanted the song to build up to a crescendo without adding too much instrumentation so we transitioned the drums from being electronic to acoustic for the final chorus and added electric guitar.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

VIOLET DAZE: Marcus Mumford. He is my favourite songwriter of all time.

Q: I’m always interested in an artist’s journey. Do you remember when you first fell in love with music/decided to pursue it?

VIOLET DAZE:  I have distinct memories of being a child and sitting on the floor of the living room and my Mum dancing around singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Growing up it was just my Mum, my brother and I. We had an old Saab convertible and when I was a young teenager we used to drive around on the old country roads where we lived with the roof down and blast punk and scream at the top of our lungs. I’ve always connected to music but it was around this time period that I decided to start pursuing it and learn the guitar.

Q: Is “Purple and White” inspired by any real-life events?

VIOLET DAZE: Purple and White was inspired by the aftermath of a break up. It was the most excruciating heartbreak that I’d been through but it was also the time that I had the most self-discovery and re-discovered the beauty of life. It’s an encouragement to myself (and to anyone else in the midst of pain) not to let pain hold you back from experiencing life. All of the emotions, all of the mistakes, all of the lessons – that is all part of being human and rather than fighting that process, I think you need to surrender yourself to it and relish in all that it means to be human. 

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about the music industry, and how has it helped you navigate it so far?

VIOLET DAZE: Find your own unique voice. What makes you unique and what makes you the artist that you are? It has helped to keep me grounded and stay true to myself. 

Q: Jumping off the last question, what advice do you have for other up-and-coming artists?

VIOLET DAZE: Don’t get stuck in comparison. Your ability to create is unique to you, as are your experiences. Don’t try to be anyone else. What you bring to the table is something that nobody else can bring.

Q: Any projects in the works? Tell everyone what’s coming up next for you! Thanks so much for speaking with me:) 

VIOLET DAZE: Yes! I am currently putting the live show together with the band. They’re incredible musos and I can’t wait to play live again. I haven’t performed since covid so I’m putting all my energy into making sure it’ll be an electric show for everyone. Thanks so much for having me. It’s been a pleasure!

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano





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