“Burnout” by Contact Light

Contact Light is here with “Burnout” and it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. This band may be fresh to a lot of listeners, but as of 2020 they have been making a name for themselves.

While we listen to “Burnout” there is a lot of hurt behind the lyrics, but a lot of growth too. As listeners we get the front row seat to a lot of experiences and feelings that the artist(s) are going for and this track is the perfect enlightenment.

CL starts this track with an unexpected light flick (0:12) at the beginning and it sets the tone for the single. This really engages us and gets us to listen closer.

The trio describes this song as “A letter to toxic ex-girlfriends and sh*tty friends and how they bum you out and are over them.”

There are many lyrics here that symbolize being burnt out and how that can feel in a relationship (or a friendship), with lyrics like “you always come around and give me your 100 degrees”, and we believe this is a clever move by the band, signifying the feeling of burned.

Make sure you follow and support Contact Light on their socials, (listed below) to see if there are any shows near you and what they are up to next.

Our personal favorite line: “So I’ll just breathe like a human would want to breathe/ So I’ll just be like a human would wanna be.” & “Well maybe there’s a reason you’re alone/ always searching for a difference/ never really found your home.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Photo Credit Beatriz Salazar







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