“Beautiful Girl” by Ubiquity Machine

“Beautiful Girl” by Ubiquity Machine is an experimental rock song full of off-kilter chord choices and grungy instrumentation. As the strange, hypnotizing harmonic arc passes by, the singer infuses his performance with equal parts angst and meticulous skill. If you’re in the market for some genuinely original, unique music, you couldn’t do better than “Beautiful Girl.”

It begins with a minor synth bass line, buzzing robotically from note to note. Soon, a swanky drum groove overlays it. From here, each new instrument piles in consecutively, adding its own element of whimsy, groove, or atmosphere. “You’ve changed the way it’s always been / I’m holding now what I could never hold then,” the singer utters with an intimate sensitivity. The chords and melody come together to form this glorious, non-diatonic mood. While still accessible to most listeners, the melodies foster a complicated ambiance, which in turn, makes the song seem both academic and effortlessly cool.

Fast forward to the chorus—suddenly, we get a catchy, memorable lead vocal and a slew of tremolo-laden guitars. Ubiquity Machine reins in the elaborate stylings of the verse to bring us something simple, familiar, and overall, wonderfully balanced. It really satisfies the chorus archetype while also keeping its ideas fresh.

Be sure to give “Beautiful Girl” a listen! You’ll be glad you found this distinctive track. Plus, if you follow Ubiquity Machine on your choice of social media or streaming service, you may just get a new favorite artist out of the experience as well.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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