“Depth of Soul” by Juliet Callahan

Jump into this dreamy new single “Depth of Soul” by Juliet Callahan. I previously highlighted Callahan’s electric pop track “Spotlight,” and her new song just shows how diverse she is as a writer, producer, and artist. Callahan is the co-writer and co-producer on this track, and her vision and edge still shine through like they did on “Spotlight.” “Depth of Soul” checks off the milestone of the seventh single released by Callahan. Doing this as an independent musician is both an inspiring and impressive accomplishment.

“Depth of Soul” is a very smooth yet sharp song that shows Callahan stepping into her own. She can acknowledge her hardships but slowly finds that her weaknesses aren’t a reason to give in. The vocals are doubled throughout the song and the singing of “higher power” is very angelic which is such a smart inclusion. The verses of the song have more of a building feeling to them – showing Callahan’s fight and push, with the chorus having her on top of the world.

The song tackles Callahan resisting temptation and embracing her higher self. She shares her definition of ‘higher self’ and what it means to her:

“While writing this track I tapped into my deepest emotions that I believe to be connected to what I call my “higher self.” I define my “higher self” as the purest version of myself, or my real self where I am removed from all negative energies, returning to my most conscious human form”

The song is for the hardworking dreamers, the ones who know where they are meant to be and will stop at nothing to get it! So, add this song to your playlists (possibly your fitness one because this is a great treadmill track!)

Reviewed by Katie Power





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