“Coma Cluster” by Strange Souvenirs (feat. Cameron James Laing)

Germany’s alt-rock duo Strange Souvenirs’ new single featuring Cameron James Laing, “Coma Cluster,” is a groovy, trippy song that fans of mind-bending music will love. The band does a remarkable job at keeping the listener captivated, as there is an unexpected turn at every corner of this track. 

The song begins sounding like am alternative rock/pop song, but as it continues, “Coma Cluster” makes unique turns throughout. The duo takes the listener on an eye-opening journey of never-ending changing genres and sounds. Strange Souvenirs do not let themselves belong in a box, as they uniquely mix different genres, including rock, pop, soul, and electronic, among more, which creates a special connection between the listener and artist.

Strange Souvenirs are a sibling duo from Berlin, Germany. Matt and Tom began their music journey the way many of us do, in their basement. Although they started creating music in a separate band, it is now just the two of them creating experimental music in an East Berlin weapons factory/studio. The music they create is undeniably idiosyncratic in the best way possible, being like nothing that is out in the music industry today. Reminiscent of old-school alt/emo rock bands such as Brand New and The National, Strange Souvenirs created their distinct sound within the genre. 

Take a listen to Strange Souvenirs’ “Coma Cluster” now, out on all major streaming platforms. Please keep a lookout for this band, as their unique and eccentric music is destined to make its way to the spotlight soon enough.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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