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“To Be A Man” by Dax

Leave it to Canadian rapper and realist Dax (né Daniel Nwosu Jr.) to divulge the truth and penetrate hearts through his music. He did it again with “To Be A Man,” an impactful tune that gives the world a glimpse at the realities of being a man.

The “Dear Alcohol” singer’s crisp country vocals are refreshing, and he delivers the lyrics clearly so listeners can grasp every word. The beat and piano chords are simple yet provide this powerful melancholy sound.

It’s positive that the instrumentation wasn’t overbearing because the lyrics play a crucial role. Dax’s music always has a potent message for the world. This time, he’s inviting the world in on the harsh realities of what it’s like to be a man, especially one with other people to look after.

“Yeah, I know this life can really beat you down / You wanna scream, but you won’t make a sound / Got so much weight that you’ve been holdin’ but won’t show any emotion, as a man, that goes unspoken / That we can’t cry when life gets hard / Unconditional love for women, children and dogs / We know that we just have to play our parts / And don’t nobody give a damn about our broken hearts.”

While I don’t know what men go through from personal experience, the lyrics gave me a more precise look into the mentality of many men in this world. Facing the expectations of being a provider while feeling the need to conceal emotions because there’s no place to express them can be a lot mentally and physically. I hope this song opens many eyes, ears and hearts.

Thank you, Dax, for this insight and hopefully, this will invoke the world to expel the “men don’t cry” narrative and acknowledge that men and women can feel overwhelmed, lost, sad, etc., giving everyone the right to shed a few tears, scream into a pillow, or punch a wall. We’re human. Hell, even Superman cries.

Go check out “To Be A Man,” and thank you to all the men working day and night to provide for their families and loved ones, financially and emotionally.

Watch the music video below!

Written by Taylor Berry

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