“Daphne” by Abigail Fierce

Abigail Fierce is here with “Daphne” and this multi-talented artist puts the cool, in cool. Upon the first listen of “Daphne” we are easily hooked and addicted, from Fierces tone to vocal melodies, we can’t get enough.

We applaud Abigail for this track not only for the sound, but because she played all of the instruments (excluding the drums), for this track and it contains a classic early to mid 2000’s sound.

“Daphne” is [a] LGBTQ+ rock-pop love song with pop-punk influences. With a keen mix of shark lyrical metaphors, dreamy storytelling and fun, loud guitars, this is sure to be a charming love song that sapphic women and girls have been looking for their whole life.”

We picture “Daphne” as being the girl with the hair that is always flowing in the wind, who’s always smiling, and has an overwhelming sense of kindness. Abigail creates a picture in our brains of how “Daphne” looks and carries herself and even on the cover of the track, we imagine her with brown hair and a chill personality.

We will continue to listen to “Daphne” as we are anxious to see if there will be a video for the track. We need visuals!

Find Abigail on the Hulu series “Love, Victor,” NBC’s “This Is Us”, and Netflix’s “American Vandal”, as well as the Paramount+ film “Fantasy Football”.

Make sure you follow Abigail to see what she’s up to next, as we can’t wait for her next project.

Our personal favorite line: “She makes sense like snow in the desert/ stolen kiss I’ll never understand her.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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