“More Than A Friend” by Vanda

“More Than A Friend” by Vanda is a brilliantly produced, vibrantly performed, wildly well-written pop song. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment—you’ll get whiplash shifting your attention from the vocoder-like harmonies to the dreamy instrumentation to the impressive vocals. In the end, you’re left delighted and hungry for more.

A fuzzy synth welcomes the verse. The airy melody buzzes with subtle effects, reaching for decadent chord tones. As the pre-chorus enters, harmonies envelop the lead vocal, and drums underpin the chords. It’s a delicate eruption of warmth, unlike anything you’ve heard. The end result is something musically and sonically immersive, but the work and talent it takes to foster this sound is impressive. “I’m thinking of you more than a friend / Will it ruin everything we ever had?” the chorus arrives after a brief instrumental pause. Guitars, drums, and keyboards burst into the mix with a palpable fierceness. The vocals exhibit such crisp control, dipping into head voice for certain notes and powerful chest voice for others. The arc of the melody manages to be both accessible and unique, not delivering what’s expected but something way cooler.

The rest of the song consists of dynamic builds, masterful singing, memorable synth motifs, and a dramatic final chorus. The sounds dwindle to a few twinkling overtones in the wake of this masterpiece. If you’re not enraptured by this song, you’re doing it wrong. Vanda’s style and talent bleed through every second of it. Be sure to give “More Than A Friend” a stream, and Vanda a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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