“Third Eye” by Lewis Knaggs

“Third Eye” by Lewis Knaggs is an absolutely transcendent soft rock track. Based upon a strong foundation of bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and decadent background vocals, this track plunges into an anthemic chord progression. Every little aspect of the song breathes energy and life into it. If you’re not buzzing with satisfaction, motivation, or bliss by the end, you did something wrong.

From the output, it’s high-energy. Every instrument (including a warbling organ) bursts in full throttle. Based on the tonality and overall atmosphere, the first impression you’ll get from it is that it sounds a little like a punk-rock Beatles song. It’s fast, but also classic. “He was born / He didn’t know his own name / Torn / Out of the womb and became alive,” the melody slides from note to note smoothly, ornamenting the speedy progression underneath. Although the dynamics are already rather upbeat, the build toward the chorus is even more climactic. Harmonies and chord changes indicate the coming eruption, which arrives in a flurry of tambourine and melisma. The repetitive, memorable melody is just icing on the cake of an immersive, gratifying song.

Stay tuned for some textural instrumental sections and a wildly effective ending. If you’re in the mood for a spirit-lifting pop-rock track, try this one on for size. Then, be sure to give Lewis Knaggs a follow on your choice of social media platform or streaming service. There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with his vibrant, unique artistry and style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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