“Isolation” by Oceanless

“Isolation” by Oceanless is a dreamy repackaging of grunge. With its tantalizing effects and production value, this song feels pretty transcendent, but its classic songwriting style grounds it. This combination makes for a totally unique experience—not too ethereal, not too familiar. If you like 90’s rock but seek a modern twist, Oceanless is the band for you.

An ambient cloud of bass and reversed guitar invites us into the song. There’s an anticipatory energy to it, foreshadowing the high-energy song that’ll soon unfold. With several hits of a crash cymbal, the chorus groove suddenly kicks in. “We’re fighting for time / It’s getting harder to find / When we go on and on and on…” the singer’s deep, raspy voice echoes over the now heavy, distorted instrumentation. The same visceral, powerful melody repeats until we melt into a verse, which is defined by more staccato hits rather than ever-present noise. Gritty screams interject between each power chord or acrobatic guitar riff. The juxtaposition between these two sections breeds interest, drama, and ultimately, decadent satisfaction.

Stay tuned for some more sonically complex moments and a climactic, hard-stop ending. If you’ve got your headphones on hand, this is one of those songs that really blossoms when you can hear the panning. The sounds cruise from ear to ear in a chill-inducing way. Be sure to give Oceanless a follow on your choice of social media platform and “Isolation” a listen on your choice of streaming service! You’ll be glad you got to know this talented act!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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