“Even If I Could” by Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather is back with “Even If I Could” and we can’t stop listening. This track is a rollercoaster of fun and it’s a ride we can’t get off. 

G.L contains a fun synth-pop sound that is an addictiveness of swirls and dizzying sounds that carries us into an instrumental wave. With this kind of style of song, it’s hard not to like.

We heard that originally this track was called “Phil Collins song” and G.L says that “I’ve always wanted to pull off something with this huge payoff and a big soaring vocal flying through the chorus.”

He continues on by saying “I focused on the imagery of the lyrics to do the emotional weightlifting. They go from specific vignettes in the verse (“Annie spots a good thing as we push the shark back into the water…” to the sort of platitudes that talk about regret, longing, change, and finding your place in the chorus.”

We will continue to follow Genuine Leather on their long musical journey ahead, as they continue to make music that breaks barriers and walls down of what some believe music should sound like. 

We appreciate G.L for letting the music flow naturally and we support their ability to change things up, and keeping music alive!

This wonderful track is written by Chris Galis and he deserves a round of applause too!

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Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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