“Dejame Vivir” Chloe Leigh

“Dejame Vivir” by Chloe Leigh is a sultry, soulful acoustic song with a classic sound and a clever set of lyrics. Not only is the structure and atmosphere well-constructed, but Chloe’s voice has this warm rasp that ornaments every word. The overall effect is an unbeatable authenticity and a memorable ambiance.

A few high-pitched organ notes swell into existence, soon followed by a bass, sliding to these intriguing intervals. Acoustic guitar and shaker provide a little rhythm as we transition to a verse: “So here we are again / Another night / Another sinking sense of guilt that you can still instill.” The words flow out quickly and with a satisfying syllabic clip. Brushed drums accompany the second half, building the dynamic arc toward a climactic hook. Chloe’s voice climbs in register until that cadential line: “Dejame Vivir.”

Afterward, the song continues this slow burn, eventually culminating in a bridge performed completely in Spanish. The melodies become a bit more dramatic as do the lyrics. The organ takes up the lion’s share of the sonic space as the drums get more washy and forward. Chloe utters the last line and like clockwork the instruments fade, leaving a silent sense of satisfaction, catharsis, and intrigue.

Be sure to give Chloe Leigh a listen and a follow on your choice of streaming service or social media platform! You’ll be glad you got to know this self-proclaimed alt-folk artist. Plus, “Dejame Vivir” is a song you won’t soon forget and a worthy addition to your summer playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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