Pien has given us “WTF” and it’s a pure good time. Pien’s voice glides on this track and tears it up, and we can’t get enough.

When learning more about Pien, we learn that she is a “Dutch singer-songwriter based in London (UK) [who] writes her songs from the heart. Every small detail and experience from her life goes into her songs.”

She also says, “It’s all about honesty and raw feelings, that make the perfectly imperfect, to make perfect again, at least perfect in the most sincere way.

And when we listen closer to the song we hear that this song is not only brutally honest, but it’s her truth, and we love tracks such as this one.

Pien shows her talent like no other on “WTF” and she also says this track is about “the struggle of finding love and keeping things real in a world full of expectations”

With this statement we believe this track could be about more than one topic, as it could be a letter to an ex, or even a letter pertaining to the frustrating world.

Pien has the ability to write down her emotions and form it into a deeply eye-opening track, and many could relate to this.

If you are looking for something new and different, look no further as Pien intrigues us and takes several musical genres and forms them into her own.

Make sure you follow Pien as she continues to make music that stands out in several ways, including saying exactly what we are thinking.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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