“Firefly” by Powers of the Monk

Detroit, Michigan’s alt-rock band Powers of the Monk is out with their new single “Firefly.” The symbolic track is a mesmerizing tune with a melodic, somewhat foreboding, yet beautiful instrumental. The vocals are calming and nostalgic; the entire track has a very 1970s vibe, which is refreshing today.

While the instrumental has a bit of uneasiness to it, this seems to be precisely what the song should feel like, as it has a bit of a darker, significant story. “Firefly” is about a “…wannabe terrorist that sees messages in the blinking lights of fireflies at night.” As the song continues, the narrator’s mental instability begins to heighten, adding to the complexity of the track.

Powers of the Monk was initially formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 2006 but went on hiatus in 2009. Reuniting in 2019, Powers of the Monk now consists of original band members Detroit Monk (vocals, guitars, keys) and Pontiac Powers (vocals, violin). Also in Powers of the Monk is band member Nora on drums. 

Powers of the Monk have a distinctive sound, as they can’t be categorized into one genre but a few different genres. While being an easy-listening song, “Firefly” also has rock pop, alt-rock, power pop, and classic rock elements. The raspy vocals and trippy instrumentals make the song reminiscent of old-school rock bands such as The Who or The Raspberries but have their own modern take on the genre. Such an intriguing story as the backdrop of “Firefly” also adds to the track’s uniqueness. 

Listen to “Firefly” now on all major music streaming platforms. Out on June 16th, 2023! 

Written by Melissa Cusano






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