“Honest” by Whitney Veitch

Honest” by Whitney Veitch is here and we love her sound, style, and soft spoken voice. This new single reminds us of the mid 2000’s pop/r&b that had us making the songs our new ringtone and this is how we feel about this track.

This Australian-born musician is intriguing to say the least and we can tell with her approach that she will be around a long time.

Whitney Veitch gives us this cute and romantic track that will be stuck in our heads for a while and we love that!

Honest” accomplished the charm and “[blended] elements of pop, r&b, and Indie music, [W.V]  crafts a sweet yet sultry sound that draws listeners in with irresistible hooks and relatable lyrics.”

Honest” is described as containing “lush harmonies and soothing melodies”. And we couldn’t agree more, this track makes us feel as though we are floating or driving down a long road while on the phone with our crush, (using a flip phone of course.)

Veitch “has previously had the success collaborating with other artists, such as ‘Clawmachine’ and ‘LATOUR’ but is venturing into a solo career with a strong catalog of music ready to be released, [this track] being her [debut].”

[Honest] is a powerful commentary on the complexities of romantic relationships, exploring themes of desire, temptation, and self-doubt.” Listeners are loving this track with every listen and we can’t wait to hear what Whitney releases next.

Make sure you follow Whitney Veitch on all of her socials (listed below), so you can see what she’s up to next. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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