“out of the city” by Maclayne

Maclayne is here with her new single “out of the city” and we have been waiting for something like this.

out of the city” is a quick-paced, running fast, falling in love (with a new place) kind of single, and we can’t get enough.

This track is not only relatable but timeless, even if this track was out during the pandemic, it would still hit home. So many of us listeners get the understanding that Maclayne is truly singing to us.

She has been in our place and felt the same emotions that we have, and that’s what makes this single so great.

Her feelings are projected perfectly into the lyrics and we hear each line as it calls out to us. Even if you aren’t in a city, it makes you want to drive away from one.

We even love the visuals for this single, we love how it’s simple, and individual. We feel free while we are listening, and this kind of music is addictive, as it feels like summer all of the time and the sun is shining just on us.

“Maclayne is an emerging folk-pop artist from Canada, [captivating] listeners with her sincere and emotive storytelling. Her debut “out of the city” is a poignant anthem, giving voice to those yearning for purpose and freedom beyond society’s grasp.”

Make sure you follow Maclayne on all of her socials to see what she will release next.

Our personal favorite line: “I wanna be free”. & “Locked up in this box for months now/ it’s been raining non stop now.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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