“A Little Grace” by Jamie Bosanko

Throwing in a bit of blues and a bit of country, indie rock artist Jamie Bosanko has released his new single “A Little Grace.” The song follows his single “Life Will Do,” which was released back in March. The England has been playing and writing music since the mid 90s throughout his hometown. He has been inspired by classic artists like Tom Petty and REM but would also fit nicely on playlists of Noah Kahan and Phoebe Bridgers. Bosanko has already received press from BBC Introducing and has opened for acts like Ocean Colour all over England. His sound is distinct, classic, and ever evolving.

“A Little Grace” has a distinct sound right out of the gate with the guitar he chose to play on the single. Bosanko shared that finding that guitar was not easy:

“In the studio I must have tried half a dozen guitars between my best ones and the best in the studio and then settled on a Vintage SG (Vintage the brand not the era) So it was probably the cheapest guitar there, but it had everything, the right voice, powerful but subtle, sustain. I loved playing that guitar.”

Along with that, the slower feeling is the kind of song you could walk in the rain to or listen to on a long car ride. The idea for the song is a smart and unique topic to tackle. Hoping for something you know you may not deserve. That level of desperation hits right in the gut. The rawness and the imagery shows how good Bosanko has gotten over his decades of writing. One of the lyrics that captures all of this is,“Lost my faith / when Heaven closed down / would trade you what’s left / for a little grace.”

Bosanko’s voice has just the right level of rasp and emotion, it is so easy to connect and feel for him in this song. It is one thing to be an amazing songwriter, but a whole other story when he can combine his writing and vocals into a song like this one.

So, go add Bosanko to all your autumn inspired playlists and keep an eye out for more releases!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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