“The Sun & The Moon” by Sam Stokes

Embracing a raw sound and her authenticity, Sam Stokes has released her new single “The Sun and The Moon.” The song is the second single from her highly anticipated album Common Ground, which will be released October 2023. Stokes is a songwriting for all the right reasons. She shares her stories from her highest highs and lowest lows, she shows their space for sad and happy, masculine, and feminine, in everyone. The song was recorded in her home studio after a burst of inspiration. Stokes cleverly plays on her name, stoking the fires of inspiration in her soul and showing her strength throughout her career and writing.

“The Sun and The Moon” embraces a realness and positive energy right out of the gate. The unpolished production goes perfect for a genre as raw as singer-songwriter. Stokes allows you to feel like a friend at the dinner table listening into a good story. The laughs, shouting, and additional voices only help set the scene more and the song would feel empty without it.

The overall idea is immediately one the listener can relate to. How many friends can you picture in your life forever and always? This is the song for that. The breakdown sections “they’ve never lived other lives / they’ve never loved other wives / they’ve always been the sun and the moon.” It’s introspective, visual, and beautiful lyrics.

When sharing how she thought of the idea for the single, Stokes says, “”Have you ever met someone and forgot the moment you became friends or lovers or both? You meet and realize you’ve been friends for years, if not lifetimes already. You might not know much in this world, but your love for one another is as constant as the sun and the moon”

So go listen to “The Sun and The Moon” and pre-save Stokes’s debut record Common Ground out this October!

Reviewed by Katie Pow





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