“I Took A Photo” by Atari Pilot

With music to move to and lyrics that will move you, the indie band Atari Pilot has put out their highly anticipated single “I Took A Photo,” on all streaming platforms. Atari Pilot is an anthemic indie rock band – known for their heartfelt lyrics and dynamic live performances. The group is riding the high of their previous release “Train Of Life.” Garnering over 50 plays on independent radio stations across the United States and Europe, it is clear that they are starting to be backed by both their fans and the industry. The band is also gearing up for their debut live performance of “I Took A Photo” at the “My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad” Festival in Swindon, UK.

“I Took A Photo” combines everything great about music. A stadium sized sound with honest storytelling, the passion for music shines throughout the piece. Onze’s range is impressive and exciting, complimenting the production wonderfully. The production gives off a very motivation, summer movie scene feeling – think Bleachers or Oasis.

The idea of the song is very unique, a couple struggling to decide whether or not the fight is worth it. One partner feels it is, the other not so much. This song takes you along for the ride and leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The bonus is if you’re not a lyrics person it sounds so fun and uplifting just to listen to while running or dancing. No matter how you slice it, this song shows talent and expertise through and through

When asked to describe the song, lead singer Onze shared, “The song is about two people who are, for whatever reason, on the brink in their relationship and one is looking for the other in order to find them and hopefully work things out.”

So, if you are in Swindon go see Atari Pilot at their upcoming festival gig, if not go support their current and upcoming releases!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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