“Part Time Love” by John Taglieri

An inspiration indie artist, John Taglieri has released his comeback single “Part Time Love” available everywhere now. Taglieri’s story is fascinating, topping billboard and iTunes all without being a household name. Taglieri prides himself on his ability to release over fourteen albums across sixteen years with no large financial backing from a label. He has been able to support himself touring and work with musicians that have worked with Miranda Lambert and John Mellencamp.

After a vocal injury in 2016, Taglieri had to learn how to sing again and lean on his writing abilities since it was not possible for him to tour at that moment. He wrote the song with long time writing partner Jeff Rose about his rebirth and rising above his challenges.

“Part Time Love” brilliantly blends genres that Taglieri has perfected over the years. Americana, country, and rock all come together to tell a raw singer/songwriter story. The song itself has Taglieri coming to terms with a relationship that will never last. They know they are lying to each other and pretending – which is why their tragic love will be one they will never commit to.

The session musicians and producer are immaculate on this track; they show nothing but heart and skill. Backing Taglieri’s strong lead vocals, it is commendable how real his voice is and how strong he is for continuing after such hardships. When goes from singing “feels like my feet are stuck in the ground” to singing “Feels like my feet can carry me now” is such a clever way to show growth in a heartbreak song like this one.

Taglieri’s story lines up perfectly with our blog’s mission of supporting independent artists so go read more about his story! Be sure to also follow Taglieri’s continued journey in the music industry after his long awaited come back!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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