“Lights Out” by Daniel Hayford

Daniel Hayford is here with his new single “Lights Out” and we can’t help but love the dizzying sensation we get from listening.

Lights Out” is brilliant, futuristic,  pop-fueled and addictive. This track will have you wanting to confront your demons and look them right in the eye, this also makes us think of our mental health and how it is key to having a clear mind as well as unquestionable thoughts.

D. Hayford describes this track as “[reflecting on] personal struggles with depression and showcases [my own] growth as an artist.”

He also had this to say about “Lights Out”, “The song captures the desire to slow down in a fast-paced world, exploring hesitation and uncertainty in everyday life. It resonates with listeners through themes of self-doubt, fulfillment, vulnerability, and resilience.”

We love how Daniel’s voice glides along the instrumentals, and captures these emotions of anxiety and the understanding of being held back, either by your own mind, feelings, etc.

Hayford does this with effortless transitions throughout the single and we truly believe that he has had these feelings before, and that makes us appreciate the lyrics so much more.

This dark-pop sound is just what the music world needs more of, more vulnerability, honesty, and more openness.

Make sure you follow Daniel Hayford and stay up-to-date with his new releases, as we hear there’s an exciting EP coming our way!

Also, we want to recognize D. H for being active and consistent on his socials, as well as building meaningful relationships! Don’t forget to follow Daniel, (listed below.)

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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