The visionary producer and artist, ZOE, has released the title track of her upcoming EP Sun – available everywhere now. The Perth born singer/songwriter spent a majority of her youth gigging with bands in Melbourne or performing solo at festivals and bars. This love of music has blossomed into a love of production and visual art.  The track was co-produced by ZOE and David J Gillet, experimenting with both natural and digital sounds.

“Sun” is a triumphant call to action for unity and passion. ZOE has the ability to express her frustration she feels about the world’s fear and doubt and challenges it. The large drums build the anticipation throughout the larger-than-life track. The repetition of the lyrics, “we’re all part of the same game and we’re all going the same way” / “we’re all part of the same family and we live under the same sun,” truly drives home this honest and important message.

The music video begins with “The evolution will not be televised” and showing people watching tv that says “comply.” ZOE’s scenes are performed in a jungle-like world full of color and light. She shows she has realized how important unity is and is desperately trying to get others to follow her lead. Her creativity is both apparent and unique, from both a lyricist and music video writer.

When asked what “Sun” means to her, ZOE shared, “Sun is a really important track for me because it defines the theme and sound of the EP. Getting the sound right was important but also, we needed to create a video that speaks to the theme clearly and I think we have achieved that.”

So go stream the single and check out the music video before the EP comes out!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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