“Night Sweats” by Magz

New York-based singer-songwriter and producer Magz’s debut EP “Night Sweats” is a moving, emotional work of art. The EP delves into taboo topics such as isolation, pain, and loss while still making the songs entertaining to listen to. Consisting of seven touching and poignant songs about mental health, heartbreak, and self-growth, the subject matter is sometimes heavy. Still, Magz’s luscious instrumental and profound lyrics make the songs impossible not to be dragged into. Upon first listening, you won’t be able to get enough of the ultimate EP for a “sad girl summer.”

“Night Sweats” starts strong with the first track on the EP, “For Good.” The song begins with an ultra-catchy, somewhat foreboding keyboard section, highlighting the emotional turmoil that is to come. Magz’s silky-smooth vocals come through with lyrics about how she will always “be this way for good,” signifying that undeniable feeling of not being good enough. Following “For Good” is “Emotional Trainwreck,” which has a much more slow-building instrumental, focusing heavily on Magz’s voice and lyrics. “For Good” and “Emotional Trainwreck”  are both relatable, dynamic tracks that set the tone for the rest of the EP.

Something special about “Night Sweats” is that no song is the same. The EP has songs such as “The Memory” and “I don’t like you at night,” which are acoustic heavy and highlight Magz’s lyricism, while tracks such as “Quickstand”, while still focusing on Magz’s vocals, also have a beat that won’t get out of your head. Because of this, there is something that every listener will get out of this EP, no matter their genre preference.

“Night Sweats” ends strongly the same way that it started, with the song, “Beginning”, which is a bit of an ironic title for the last song on the EP. “Beginning” is a vocal heavy track, calling attention to Magz’s beautiful voice. 

Take a listen to Magz and their debut EP “Night Sweats,” today, out on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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