“The Fear I Felt” by CS Hellmann

CS Hellmann is here with “The Fear I Felt” and please drop everything you are doing, to give this masterpiece a listen.

This track has the perfect amount of ease, patience and chilling lyrics as the first few lines remind us of Taylor Swift’s “State of Grace”. But don’t be fooled by this minor similarity, CS Hellmann quickly creates his own lane, with his voice that is one of a kind, and his untamed talent.

Hellmann had this to say about his new single, “The Fear I Felt” is a coming of age story for me developing into a songwriter and artist. In my early development my dad told me that I wasn’t good enough to do it. I had to prove him wrong that I was capable of doing it if I worked really hard at it.”

CSH naturally shines through his music and delivers his message loud and clear, that you can do anything as long as you believe. (We also bet it felt so good to prove his father wrong!)

The Fear I Felt” is open, honest and dives deep into letting go of fears and seeing the brighter side of things. We can’t help but love this single.

“CS Hellmann is a Nashville based songwriter and guitar aficionado inspired by the greats of alt rock, guitar god wizardry, and the honest intimacy of rootsy blues. With his emotionally charged, dark indie anthems, CS Hellmann channels anger, frustration, and fear into positive calming energy- all of which combine on The Fear I Felt.”

Make sure you recognize and follow CS Hellmann on his musical journey, (his socials listed below.)

Our personal favorite line: “Broken by a stranger/ this dark and present danger/ ghost that never left me/ behind.” & “This journey ending story/ The fear I felt/ no longer gripping me.” So beautifully written.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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