“Plot Twist” by Sarah Anne Fernandez

Sarah Anne Fernandez is here with her new single, “Plot Twist”, and it’s so good, it gives us goosebumps.

This track reminds us of crushes and diary entries that had us putting hearts all around our crushes names and writing it over and over, hoping this act would bring us closer.

Not only do we love this new single, but we love the good feelings that come with it. This innocence in music is something we miss, crave, and hope that S.A.F will bring us more of.

“Sarah Fernandez is an emerging singer-songwriter who is passionate about creating music that is centered around storytelling and honesty. She masterfully juxtaposes powerful vocals and sounds with intimate and witty lyrics, resulting in her own brand of music that is both relatable and anthemic.”

We love that Sarah has brought us a fun, flirty, pop-infused track that is personal and intimate.

Plot Twist” is one track you don’t want to miss and this is certainly one that we will have on repeat, as it has the perfect summer sound. Check out Sarah’s other recent singles such as, “Nightmare” and “Drowning.”

Make sure you follow Sarah Anne Fernandez on all of her socials for updates on her music journey.

Our personal favorite line:I always hoped it’d be good/ but never thought it could be this/ ‘cause you’re the best g*dda*n plot twist.” And, “You stole my whole heart like some kind of crook/ It only took one look/ you got me so d*mn hooked.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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